Thursday, March 19, 2009

:: Pre-Nap Fun ::

Here is Jameson doing what he does best - looking ridiculously cute, trying to eat his feet and giggling (make sure the volume is up high-my phone camera quality is lacking).

He is simply delicious.

The "Name that Photo" contest is still open so put your captions in. If we can get enough submissions I may make it a weekly(ish) thing. My kids provide me with plenty of material! I will announce the winner in a few days.

Did I mention that this boy is delicious?On another note, huge congratulations to those friends of ours that have had new fun! In the past two weeks, three new babies have arrived and another one is due to come in just one week. (two of those three are both my neighbors! Yay!) and a Happy Birthday shout out to Dan Jackson (who claims he never reads blogs).


Bethany said...

He is soooo cute!

Bonnie said...

He is entirely delicious! I love that you can style his hair in a mohawk-- adds heaps to his cuteness :)

hailey said...

he is SUCH a little dude. man he is stinkin cute.

make more babies! make more babies!

sarah martin said...

awww-thanks Nini! i finally am catching up on blog reading. jackson gives a shout out from #3 to you guys! :)