Monday, December 15, 2008

:: Chris-mas-time! ::

Christmastime is in full swing in our house.  It has been since the day after Thanksgiving, however I am just now getting to posting about it!
Analise loves Christmas this year.  She loves to listen to Christmas music (and dance to it of course), she LOVES to look at Christmas lights as we drive around town, and she loves to tell Jameson all about, in her words, "Chris-mas-time!"  Every morning she comes out, gazes at the tree and says, "I yike Chris-mas-time, I yike yites." While our tree is a mish mash of various ornaments, I love it.  

Some are special:
 Some are from far away:
Some are classics:
The finished product:
We love our tree, but most importantly, we love the reason we celebrate this special holiday.  It has been so wonderful being able to teach Analise what Christmas is really about and to have her be excited about that and to really understand it.  That is what warms my heart.


Stef said...

You always get the prettiest trees! I love your decorations too. Especially the helicopter. So cute!

I think Christmas time gets more fun as my kids get older and understand more of what we're celebrating. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, what a Christmas tree!!! Hope you are working on the German Christmas songs since the book arrived!!!???
big hug

Bonnie said...

Your tree looks fantastic Nini! Hoping this Christmas is extra special as you celebrate as a family of four.