Saturday, October 4, 2008

:: Counting Down ::

Last weekend, in an effort to try and keep things creative with Analise and to help make Jameson's impending arrival become more real to her, I decided to make a paper chain with her.  We colored our own designs, used some fancy paper and cut strips out in order to make our countdown chain.

Analise takes her coloring very seriously! 
She was meticulous in taping the chain links together.
Once we had all 24 days connected, she was so proud of her work.  She carried it around for quite some time saying 'chain, Jameson chain, baby chain'.
We hung it up in her room so she can see it all the time.  It has been fun being able to talk about Jameson and to see her getting excited for his arrival.  Each day we take a piece away from the chain and she proudly carries the peice of paper around for a while.   
We are down to 17 days if he is on time
(wouldn't that be nice - earlier wouldn't be so bad either!)
  We are all excited for what is to come.


Anonymous said...

Anas favourite part is the picture where Lisi tapes the links together!!! the count-down-chain is a very nice idea..
Hope you are still fine, Nini..we are looking forward to the arrival of this little boy.
big hug

CAjohnsonfamily said...

I love the chain idea. I should do it with the kids, but we have 94 days to go, so it would be quite long:) I hope you are feeling well!

Bonnie said...

What a good idea Nini! I'm so excited to hear about Jameson's arrival and I hope for your sake, he does decide to come early :) Thinking of you!

Stef said...

we did this too! Our kids loved it... although ours didn't come out as cute as yours though. :)

hailey said...

Brilliant Mama you are! I will be praying that she continues to get excited, and really embraces Jameson with love. I am SO excited for you guys!!!!