Sunday, September 28, 2008

:: Baby, Baby, Baby Book ::

Each night before bedtime we read with Analise.  She gets to choose whatever book(s) she would like to read.  The anticipation of baby Jameson entering the world has made her eager to read the SAME book every night.  My mom got us this book while we were back east visiting and while the text is a bit heavy for her age, the pictures are great. Analise loves to look at this book and point out where everything and everyone is.  On her own, she started pointing at the pictures and naming each one either Mommy, Daddy, Jameson (or baby) and Lisi (herself).  

On this page, she points to each activity and says things like, " diaper",  "" and "", so we talk about all of the things that she can help me with when Jameson comes home.
This is one of her favorite pages to look at.  She says, "Lisi read, baby eat, daddy work".  Strangely enough, the drawings do sort of look like all of us...with the exception of Daddy.  Markus doesn't have a big nose or red hair, but she still points at him and says Daddy.  
She is pretty clever if you ask me!

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Stef said...

this book looks SO cute! I've been looking for something like that to read to our kids. That Mama needs to be nursing her baby though... bad, bad. ;-)