Thursday, June 5, 2008

:: Maine Attraction ::

On Tuesday we headed out to the coast and up to Maine. It is such a lovely little drive, and the coast of Maine is just magical. We drove along the water almost the entire time seeing beautiful, ginormous houses that have a full ocean view. One of the many great things about the East Coast is that everyone has yards. These homes sit on beautiful green grass that surrounds the house on every side. These yards are not just a few square feet...there is some serious lawn, garden, play space. For those of us that live in Santa Cruz and love walking along West Cliff Drive...this Maine scenery makes West Cliff look like the ghetto. Really. It is just beautiful here.

The first place we stopped was Nubble Point Lighthouse at York Beach. It is a lovely little lighthouse that sits about 20 yards off the coast on a rock island. We stumbled upon this place about two years ago with my brother Ib and his fiance Lisa, so we wanted to visit again.
Analise was so excited to see the ocean again. It had been over ten days since she had seen the ocean! As soon as we got out of the car, she wanted to go explore and get close to the water. Markus went with her to explore the tide pools and let her touch the Atlantic for the first time. It wasn't the most comfortable position for her, I am sure!We continued to meander up the coast and decided to head for Kennebunkport. As soon as we got close to this quiant little coast village, we fell in LOVE. It is SO hard to capture just how lovely and CLEAN everything was here. I am not on my normal computer, so I am not able to crop this picture, however I loved the sign that welcomes visitors. We ate at a clam shack and walked all around. I wasn't able to get as many good pictures as I would have liked. As I mentioned, it is really hard to capture a town on camera...with a 16 month old nonetheless! Analise loved looking at all of the waterfront shops and she liked the brick sidewalks too.

Markus and I decided that if we are ever able to, we would love to open a bed and breakfast here in Kennebunkport. It is a lovely place and the people we encountered were so kind--very reminiscent of some small towns in New Zealand. Needless to say, visiting Kennebunkport has been the highlight of our travels on this trip.


Jessica Hoff said...

I think my fave is that last pic of all the signs. VERY cool.

Sally said...

You're inspiring me! Thanks for doing all of the leg work. Maine looks amazing. You definitely should move their and open a B&B. Then we can be dream neighbors!

Anonymous said...

go ahead with your B&B-plans!! we are definitly coming.ana liked the pic with lieschen "diving"..she kept on saying "lieschen naß" for about twenty minutes!!!
big hug

Stef said...

This place is beautiful! I've never been to Maine, but for some reason I would totally live there. I've always loved pictures I've seen and scenes from movies. Oh, you're so lucky! Keep the pictures coming!