Wednesday, April 23, 2008

:: Comedy Central ::

There are lots of things that Analise does that make Markus and I laugh. She loves to make us laugh. Analise thinks that she is REALLY funny! She will do the silliest things just to see how we will react. If we smile and/or laugh, she will do it more and bigger and try to out do her self.

Last night she entertained us for almost 40 minutes. She was just running all around the house with the ring stack in her mouth and making funny faces, trying to tickle us, dancing to the music that was playing, and rolling around like a crazy woman on the ground. It was pure joy watching her last night. Here are some pics of her on the move and being silly!


Anonymous said...

Don´t we love these silly-funny-evening-times???

Gibbytron said...

that wasn't very nice! don't pressure me now, I need another month to process! :p

P.S. - there are worse, ex:

Bonnie said...

So cute! I love these pictures!

And by the way, I just did some "catch up" on your blog and only now, realized that you are pregnant again! CONGRATS Nini!!! I'm thrilled for you guys. Judging by how incredible Analise is, the next one will be just perfect too! Hope you're feeling good :)