Saturday, December 15, 2007

:: New Family Tradition ::

Seeing how this is our first Christmas together as a family of three, we wanted to start a new family tradition for Christmas. We decided that each year we will buy one another a Christmas ornament.

We shopped all over today -- Cost Plus World Market, KMart, Home Depot, the Hallmark Store, Target -- and at last, we found the ornaments that we wanted to get for one another.

Analise is enamored with ducks right now and Markus was very excited to find this one:

Since she has a lot of wooden toys, I chose these wooden ones for Analise. She was very excited about the snowman and the penguin, and the fact that she got four in one package:

Markus knows that I really enjoy snowmen, and he remembered that I once told him that when I was 6, I LOVED my pack of 64 Crayola Crayons with the sharpener, so he chose this one for me:

Analise had some help from her dad in making this one for me. She was little snowman for Halloween, so this one was quite fitting:

Right around the time that Analise was born, Markus got very interested in learning how to BBQ on a charcoal grill, and for Father's Day she got him a Weber Grill. This is the ornament she got for him:

Lately, Markus has turned into quite the cook. He watches the Food Network more than I do these days! To show my appreciation and to encourage the new found cooking passion in him, I got him this ornament:

I am already looking forward to picking out our ornaments for next year! Our new tradition has already proven to draw us closer and make the holidays even more enjoyable!


big hair betty said...

That kitchen ornament is super cute! You're going to have to have quite a large tree in a few years to hold all those ornaments!

Hailey said...

Oh my gosh! I love them all! Too cute! I think my favorite is the very last one. Too much fun. You guys are awesome.

faithsalutes said...

I don't even have a tree...I love the idea.

Stop being so cool, give us a chance to catch up.

Erin said...

I love the rubber ducky!!

Bonnie said...

Those are THE most adorable little ornaments I've ever seen! I can't believe you found a little table with all that tiny food on it... very cute! Such a great tradition you've started :)